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Penn State/Hazleton Campus
DJ: Vince Kozlek

Playlist for March 5th, 1998

Playlist format:
Band "Song" - "Album" - Label
Stubborn All-Stars "Pick Yourself Up" - "Back With a New Batch" - Triple Crown
Rude Bones "Short of Time" - "Nihon Ska Dansu" comp - MoonSka
The Slackers "Watch This" - "Danciní Mood" comp - Triple Crown
The Ska Blazers "Suki Suki" - "Jackpot!" - Fancy Pants (DIY)
The Skatalites "I Should Have Known Better" - "Foundation SKA" - Heartbeat
Bim Skala Bim "Pete Needs a Friend" - "Universal" - BIB
The Smooths "Enemy" - "Very Own Vegas" - Limited Edition (DIY)
Skallelujah "Skanfutatis" - "Joe Ferry" - BIG
The Parka Kings "2 Million Dollars" - "Ska: American Style" - Jump Up!
Low Pressure "Child of Distinction" - "Hey Bro Can You Spare Some Ska?"comp-Vegas
Big D & The Kids Table "Jeremy" - "Shot by Lammi" - Fork in Hand
The Maytals "Sweet Sweet Jenny" - "Never Grow Old" - Heartbeat
Heft "Julie" - "This Arenít Two Tone" - Too Hep
Eastern Standard Time "Richard Bruce" - "Second Hand" - Beatville
Bad Manners "Red River Ska" - "Heavy Petting" - MoonSka
Kicked In The Head - "Plain Cereal" - "World Domination" - Fork in Hand
The Articles "Black Eyes" - "Romanovís Bones" 7"- Dashiki Clout
The Eclectics "We Can Make it Happen" - "Idle Worship" - Jump Up!
Skandalous All-Stars "Rock the Casbah" - Punk Steady" - Shanachie
Skinnerbox "You Knock the Wind Out of Me" - "Danciní Mood" - Triple Crown
The Toasters "Iím Running Right Through the World" - "D.L.T.B.G.Y.D." - MoonSka
Johnny Socko "Hasselhoff" - "Full Trucker Effect" - (DIY?)
Johnny Too Bad & The Strikeouts "Wait Ďtil Later" - "Stereo EP" 7" - (DIY)
Jeffries Fan Club "Sheís so Cool" - "Hey Bro Can You Spare Some Ska? 2"comp-Vegas
The Adjusters "Miniskirt Minnie" - "The Politics of Style" - Jump Up!
Mephiskapheles "Snack Pack" - "Maximum Perversion" - MoonSka
The Royalties "Avoid the Crime" - "Welcome to New Jersey" 7" - (DIY)
Beat Soup "Long Time" - "Start from Scratch" - NoClue (DIY?)
The Coyalbalites "Bonanza" - "Unhinged" - Shanachie
Ednaís Goldfish "Better Days" - "New York Beat 2" comp - MoonSka
The B-3ís "Only Human" - Debut 7" - Jump Start
The Decepticonz "Big Purple Bus" - "Too Hep Sampler Ď97" tape comp - Too Hep
Desmond Dekker "007 (Shanty Town)" - "The Best of and Rest of ..." - Action Replay
The Busters "Rude Girl" - "Ruder Than Rude" - Pork Pie Germany
See Spot "The First Time" - "Skauthentic" comp - Steady Beat
The Upstanders "Glamorize" - "Two Left Feet" 7" - (DIY)
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Vince Kozlek
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