Ska is my Co-pilot

Thursdays 5-7PM
(717) 450-3132
Penn State/Hazleton Campus
DJ: Vince Kozlek

Playlist for October 2nd, 1997

Playlist format:
Band "Song" - "Album" - Label
Hepcat "Dance Widí Me" - "Out Of Nowhere" - MoonSka
The Allstonians "Goodnight Daniel" - "Go You!" - MoonSka
Skavoovie & the Epitones "Japanese Robot" - "This Are Moon Ska 2" comp - MoonSka
King Chango "Latin Ska" - "Latin Ska: Volume 1" - Moonska
Less Than Jake "Johnny Quest Thinks Weíre Sellouts" - "Pezcore" - Asian Man
Johnny Socko "Madame Blavatsky" - "Oh, I DO Hope Itís Roast Beef"
The Slackers "You Donít Know I" - "Better Late Than Never" - MoonSka
Venice Shoreline Chris "Ex-Darling" - "The Four Track Adventures of..." - MoonSka
The Hippos "When Will I Learn"-"Hey Brother, Can You Spare Some Ska?"comp-Vegas
The Stubborn All-Stars "Friend" - "Open Season" - Another Planet/Stubborn
The Impossibles "Widowmaker" - "Skarmageddon 3" comp - MoonSka
The Insteps "Always Remember" - "Eleven Steps to Power" - Another Planet
The Articles "Starsky" (Live) - "Skarmageddon 3" comp - MoonSka
The Toasters "Run Rudy Run" - "Skaboom!" - MoonSka
The Siren Six! "Get It Right" - "The Voice with a Built in Promise" - Kingpin
The Planet Smashers "Pierce Me" - S/T - Stomp
Mobtown "Liar" - "The Rhythm of Ska" - Steady Beat
The Ska Blazers "Suki Suki" - "Jackpot!" - Fancy Pants (DIY)
Desmond Dekker "Get Up Edina" - "The Original Rude of" - Music Club
Slapstick "Cheat To Win" - "Lookit!" - Asian Man
The Maytals "Iíll Never Grow Old" - "Never Grow Old" - Heartbeat
Skankiní Pickle "Gas In My Car" - "Green Album" - Dr. Strange
Magadog "Less Baltimore" - "This Are Moon Ska 2" comp - MoonSka
Four "At the Show" - 7" - Illumination
The Ventilators "Lost For Sure" - "United Colors of Ska: Volume 2" comp - Pork Pie
The Skunks "Sorry" - "No Apologies" - MoonSka
The Scofflaws "Pee Weeís Big Adventure" - S/T - MoonSka
Link 80 "Pretty Girls" - "17 Reasons" - Asian Man
Mustard Plug "Mr. Smiley" - "Big Daddy Multitude" - MoonSka
Spring Heeled Jack "Addicted" - "Static World View" - MoonSka
Letís Go Bowling "Hot-Buttered" - "Mr. Twist" - MoonSka
Derrick Morgan "Rudies Donít Fear" - "Time Marches On" - Heartbeat
Ruder Than You "Take This" - "Big Step" - MoonSka
Skinnerbox NYC "Donít Judge a Book" - "Special Wild" - Stubborn
The Pietasters "Tell You Why" (Live) - "Strapped Live" - MoonSka
The Bluebeats "Have Mercy" - "Dance With Me" - MoonSka
If you want your ska music played on the show, reviewed in "Upbeat! Skazine", and also have a chance to play NorthEastern Pennsylvania, send the music to:

Vince Kozlek
R.R. 1 Box 636
Sugarloaf, PA 18249