I, as well as alot of you, I’m sure, want to know what is going on with Dill Records Skankin’ Pickle. If you still haven't heard yet, yes, Skankin' Pickle did break up. If you’ve sent them an order through the mail lately, you may have noticed it took a very long time. There is also alot of rumors going around about Skankin’ Pickle and Dill Records. Well, hopefully they’ll get back on track real soon. Here’s a small interview I did with Lynette from Skankin’ Pickle through the mail in April 1997.

UP-Upbeat! Skazine.
SP-Lynette (guitar/vocals) from Skankin’ Pickle.

UP-What have you guys been up lately?
SP-Breaking in a new bass player, drummer, and a couple horns to tour Europe May-June.

UP-To correct all rumors, is Skankin’ Pickle still together and is Dill Records still up and running?
SP-Skankin’ Pickle is still together for a Europe tour and Dill is running stronger than ever! We just set up our new warehouse in San Francisco.

UP-I’ve heard alot about people leaving the band, of course first and foremost Mike “Bruce Lee” Park (which is true...), but what about Gerry? I heard something about him playing with MU330 and is Mike Lui still playing with the pickle? I also heard something about Chuck leaving..Set us straight with the current Pickle lineup.
SP-Gerry went on vacation and never came back. I guess he had so much fun playing with MU330 on tour (with Pickle), he stayed. I’m sure he’s having a blast right now in Europe! Mike Lui wanted to put more time in his label Illumination, as well as working hard at Dill. Yes, Chuck quit. [Current Pickle lineup-] Brent Willson: Ex-Rudiments Bass player, Ross: Tenor sax from Monkey, Eugene: T-bone, and Adam from Berkeley on Drums.

UP-Do you think your sound has changed since you got a new lineup?
SP-Yeah, that’s why we decided on a name change after Europe-The Now and Laters.

UP-When is the next full length release from Skankin’ Pickle coming out on Dill?
SP-Right now-We are re-releasing our first 2 CD’s: SkaFunkRastaPunk and Skankin’ Pickle Fever. Original Lineup!!!

UP-What other releases are being planned on Dill?
SP-A ska/punk comp-Dillinquents. A SF crusty punk comp-Mission Acomplished. Colorado’s The Facet will have a full length and the re-release of the Rudiments first effort Psycho Ska.

UP-When is the pickle going to go out on tour? Like I mean east coast.
SP-Unfortunately, Europe will be the Pickle’s last tour. Watch for The Now and Laters.

UP-What other bands have you been listening to lately?
SP-All the bands on both comps - there’s around 30-40 combined.

UP-Anything else you’d like to say?
SP-Thanks for everyone’s continued support with Dill and Pickle. It keeps us going - now, stronger than ever!

SkaFunkRastaPunk Skankin' Pickle Fever Sing Along with Skankin' Pickle Skankin' Pickle Live The Green Album

This interview is pretty old, but all the info is still correct, except the band name The Now and Laters has been changed to The 78 RPM’s, and that band has already started touring, so watch for them in a town near you. You should pick up the re-releases of the first two Skankin’ Pickle CD’s. If you haven’t heard them you’re missing out. They’re both quality crazy pickle releases. I consider Skankin’ Pickle Fever to be the best pickle album of all time, but they are all really good.