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From the main shows page that you just came from, to see the month of shows that you want to see for the current year, all you have to do is click on the month on that page. Let's say it's June right now and you want to see last September's shows. You would have to click on the 1997 PA Ska Shows link toward the end of the page, then click on September on that page. If you just click on September in the current year, you'd get a blank page, since, obviously there are no shows scheduled for September of this year yet. (Since it's only June)
Show listing last updated on:
Sunday, May 24th 1998

This simply means that, for example, May 24th, was the day that I last touched any of the month's information. I could have added a show or deleted one or even just added a price to some show that's been on the list for a long time.
If a show is missing from the shows page that you could have sworn used to be up, it may have been cancelled or postponed. You'll want to check out the
Pennsylvania Ska News section of the page because that is where I put this information.
Okay, now that you know the basics, it's time for me to tell you how to read the actual listing for the show. The format is generally this:

DayOfWeek, Month day(st/nd/rd/th)

Ska Band playing
Ska Band that might be playing?
Punk Band playing (punk)
"This kind of" Band playing ("This kind of")
"This kind of" Band might be playing? ("This kind of")
"I don't know what kind of band this is!" Band playing (?)
City, PA

If something is not included, it means I don't have the information, so don't email me asking if I know a certain thing about a show because generally I just won't know. If there is no venue listed or it says "TBA", this means the venue is To Be Announced, and/or I don't know it. If there is no age+ listed, it means that it is by default All Ages. If you see "& more" listed, if just means that there will be more bands added to the show later.

If you know of a show not listed, please send it to me. Be sure to include everything that is available: price, time, age restrictions, ska bands playing, other types of bands with their type listed, City in Pennsylvania, and Venue name.
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