Pennsylvania Ska Shows

June 2004

Saturday, June 5th

Downward Jolly
The Nixed (non ska)
Slow Andy (non ska)
Bicycle Wow (non ska)
Nothing but Trash (non ska)
More Fire (non ska)
Brand Bland (non ska)
The Cruds (non ska)
New Freedom, PA
The Cripple-Cave

Sunday, June 20th

"Skankadelic Ska Core Fest"
Downward Jolly
The Standard
Saving Aberaham (non ska)
Dillsburg, PA
Agent Pad

Friday, June 25th

By George & the Weasels
The Gibbler Effect
Jun Park & the Resistance Squad
the Skaker-Moms
Erie, PA
The Underground

Bowman St. Skalars
Free at last (non ska)
Halp past last (non ska)
The Emphasis (non-ska)
Writing January (non-ska)
Carbondale, PA
Carbondale YMCA

Saturday, June 26th

Reel Big Fish
Big D and the Kids Table
RX Bandits
Philadelphia, PA
Electric Factory