Pennsylvania Ska Shows

August 2004

Friday, August 6th

Fink's Constant
Harrisburg, PA
Reservoir Park
Levitt Pavilion

Sunday, August 8th

XVX (?)
Acid Face (?)
Pittsburgh (Glenshaw), PA
Romp N Roll

Tuesday, August 13th

Dollface Define (?)
Pittsburgh, PA
Boyd Community Center

Wednesday, August 14th

Washington Riot (?)
CBJ (?)
Defenstrators (?)
Pittsburgh, PA
Mr. Small's

Saturday, August 28th

Big D and the Kids Table
Streetlight Manifesto
Bob and the Sagets
Kos Mos
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Cafe Metropolis

The Suckerpunch Thompsons
The Radiobeats (?)
C.R.A.P. (?)
Contrawise (?)
Blasting Caps (?)
Aixelsyd (?)
Who's Keeping Score? (?)
The Weekend Warriors (?)
The Traditionals (?)
Deliberate Intent (?)
The Dollar Shots (?)
The Helldivers (?)
Tommy Gutless (?)
Faceless Fear (?)
The Chainsaw Rockers (?)
Team No Respect (?)
Whimsey and The Lots (?)
End Your Life (?)
Pittsburgh, PA
Club Natrona